Water heaters come in a variety of options, from traditional tank boilers to tankless gas or electric boilers. We provide repair, maintenance, and installation for all types.

There are several choices when it comes to water heaters, including:

  • Solar Hot Water Tanks: A solar tank incorporated either electric or a boiler for back up with solar heat from panels on the roof to provide domestic hot water
  • Tankless Water Heaters: As the name implies there is no tank and the water is heated as it passes through the unit. You receive endless amounts of hot water, smaller footprint than a standard tank and up to 98% efficient
  • High Efficient Tanks: These look like a standard style tank but they have the energy efficiency of a tankless system and qualify for energy rebates
  • Power Vented: These tanks are for homes that do not have space to vent through the roof or are too far from an exterior wall
  • Direct Vent: These tanks are installed when venting cannot go through the roof and the tank can be placed right next to an outside wall
  • Standard Tank: This is the tank that most people are familiar with, unfortunately even the best tanks are only about 62% efficient

Installations and Repairs

If your system is broken beyond repair or you are looking to upgrade to a new unit, our skilled technicians will help you choose from a range of high quality options to determine which new system is right for your home.

Preventative Maintenance

Whether you need a seasonal tune-up or not sure when your system was last checked, we can help.

  • Avoid frequent repairs and the likelihood for system failure
  • Maintain energy-efficiency and keep energy bills down
  • Keep your air clean and healthy
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